The craftsmanship is a distinctive factor typical of Finalborgo,
for this reason was born the brand “Made in Finalborgo Hand”.
Discover the uniqueness, quality and value of its creations!

Fatto a Mano Finalborgo” is the brand created by some craftsmen and artists to ensure the uniqueness, quality and value of the creations that are made with skill in the workshops of the medieval village of Liguria.

The main intent of the association of craftsmen and artists who have the workshop in Finalborgo is to enhance creativity and ensure that the ancient crafts are not forgotten.

The wonderful art of manual labor gives us wonderful works that can only be born from talent, passion and dedication. Some of these are exhibited in the headquarters of Fatto a Mano Finalborgo in Piazza del Tribunale.

Among the various activities managed, the members of “Fatto a Mano Finalborgo” organize workshops and courses for both adults and children.

During the year they also host artists from all over the world. 

This offers visitors the opportunity to discover techniques and processes typical of other places or the use of unusual materials for the creation of works of art distinguished by uniqueness.There are six craft shops that can boast this prestigious brand, which you can discover walking through the streets of Finalborgo, among the most beautiful villages in Italy:

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So you can stay up to date on all the events in the calendar that are constantly evolving.

Are you an artist or a craftsman and would you like to exhibit your works of art in the headquarters in Piazza del Tribunale?

You can ask for the necessary information by writing to  

or contact directly the shops that display the logo of “Fatto a Mano Finalborgo”.


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