Outdoor sports in Finalborgo, Liguria

Finalborgo and the whole wonderful area of Finalese, in Liguria, is the World Capital of Outdoor.
Breathtaking landscapes that offer all year round to outdoor sports enthusiasts a wide range of activities in close contact with nature.

Mountain Biking, Trekking, Trail running, Free Climbing: in Liguria, in Finalborgo and throughout its large area, it is the World Capital of Outdoor Sports.

A unique territory with landscapes of extraordinary beauty where you can have fun all year round with outdoor sports with high adrenaline levels. 

The whole territory of Finale, in particular Finalborgo, is rich in natural resources and landscapes, such as the suggestive rock walls, the wild mountains with fascinating paths and caves that over time have consecrated it as the Capital of Outdoor.
Its heights, opening in a radial pattern, present a succession of rocky plateaus interrupted by steep valleys.


The lower part overlooks the sea and is characterized by paths with paths of high technical level: the single tracks, surrounded by the scrub with rocky bottom.
Climbing northwards, the terrain becomes gentler, being mainly composed of coniferous and beech woods. 

Here the paths become faster, with banks, jumps and slides and there are also forest roads on which to cycle by mountain bike up to an altitude of 1,000 meters.
Most of the MTB routes in the Finalese area are located in this area, ideally ranging from the sea to Colle del Melogno and beyond.

In addition to the great variety of breathtaking landscapes, you can choose from different types of mountain bike trails, both for those who prefer to ride for non-competitive hiking purposes, and for those who prefer the adrenaline of trails to practice downhill or enduro.

Right here in Liguria, in the magnificent territory of the Finale area, one of the most extraordinary events in the world for mountain bike enthusiasts takes place every year: the Enduro World Series.

Finalborgo for outdoor sports: in addition to mountain biking, you can go trekking, trail running and free climbing all year round.

Outdoor sport is also mountain biking, but not only.
The area of Finalese also offers unique opportunities for trekking and trail running, as well as spectacular cliffs for free climbers, some of which overhang the sea.
An authentic outdoor amusement park in Liguria accessible all year round, thanks to a wonderful climate, which gives us its sweetness even in the winter months.

The “sea view” paths, almost always dry and warmed by the sun, are ideal for winter, while in summer, to escape the heat, you can ride at high altitude or walk in the woods.
Spring and autumn are the seasons in which this territory gives its best.

outdoor sports and many services
for your enjoyment

At Finalborgo every sportsman feels at home, thanks also to a series of services at his disposal.
From shuttles to mountain bike and hiking guides, from bike rentals and all kinds of equipment to bike rooms in hotels and holiday homes.
Everything is carefully prepared for your enjoyment.

Finalborgo, the World Capital of Outdoor,
waiting for you!


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